John Abatzoglou

John Abatzoglou
Associate Professor, Geography
  • University of Idaho

REACCH Connection: 

Earth scientist John Abatzoglou provides expertise in climate modeling and integrating climate models into applied transdisciplinary research developed by REACCH PNA.


Dr. Abatzoglou joined the University of Idaho College of Science faculty in 2009. He earned his doctoral degree in earth systems science in 2006 from the University of California Irvine. His research interests span the weather-climate continuum and their collective influence on drought, wildfire and agriculture. In addition to conducting fundamental science research, Dr. Abatzoglou focuses on applied science questions to assist land management agencies. He has devised methods to bridge the gap between global climate models and scales used in impact assessment by the research community and stakeholders. He works on a five-year, $15 million National Science Foundation project at the University of Idaho that applies climate science to better understand water resources and climate change.


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