Timothy Paulitz

Timothy Paulitz
Research Plant Pathologist USDA-ARS/ Adjunct Professor
  • Washington State University


USDA-Agricultural Research Service plant pathologist Timothy Paulitz will coordinate research on the effects of climate change on cereal diseases. Specifically, he and his team will look at how soil-borne pathogens responsible for root diseases of wheat and barley adapt to changes in temperatures and moisture levels throughout the region. His work includes formulating experiments and supervising graduate students and technicians in the research. Since 2000, Paulitz has been a research plant pathologist with the USDA-ARS Root Disease and Biological Control Research Unit based on the WSU Pullman campus. He is also an adjunct faculty member in the WSU Department of Plant Pathology. In 2009, Paulitz was named a Fellow in the American Phytopathological Society. He has been an editor for the American Phytopathological Society Press since 2004, and became the publication's associate editor-in-chief in 2007.


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