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Nov 20, 2015 • Kristy Borrelli

As part of her summer internship with the REACCH project at Oregon State University, Savannah Kisling developed an informative podcast about climate change, drought and their impacts on agriculture. For her project Savannah interviewed Dr. John Abatzoglou, Climate Scientist from the University of Idaho who discusses what it means to have a drought and Dr. Kristy Borrelli, REACCH Extension... more

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Observations of Aphid Dynamics Provide Clues to Risks and Benefits under Climate Change

Bird cherry-oat aphid

Bird cherry-oat aphid (photo by D. Schotzko)

May 28, 2015 • Kristy Borrelli

Growers can anticipate future aphid-related risks by understanding current baselines and trends. – Sanford Eigenbrode

Possibly one of the most concerning factors associated with climate change is the uncertainty of its impacts on agricultural pests. Climate change can directly influence ranges and severity of pests and indirectly complicate the relationships among climate... more

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REACCH Education Workshop

teacher workshop 2012 (1)

Teacher workshop 2012

Jun 18, 2012 • Holly Bowen

MOSCOW, ID: About 20 high school teachers and community college instructors from across Idaho and Washington are participating in the Northwest Climate Education Resources workshop this week at the University of Idaho.

The workshop is a collaboration of NASA, U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Science Foundation projects that aim to engage teachers in climate change and... more

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New aphid found on wheat in North America and the PNW!

Jul 12, 2013 • Seth Davis

Until now, Metopolophium festucae cerealium has not been reported on cereal crops in the US, but it is a pest of wheat and other cereal crops in the UK. Studies suggest that this aphid prefers wheat to other grasses. In June and July 2011, a survey of aphids in wheat was initiated in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. M. f. cerealium was found in nearly every sample collected from... more

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REACCH scientists contribute to National Climate Assessment

Sanford Eigenbrode

Jan 29, 2015 • Leigh Bernacchi


REACCH scientists highlighted Northwest agriculture perspectives in the National Climate Assessment. Sanford Eigenbrode, project director and University of Idaho professor, and Susan Capalbo and Philip Mote of Oregon State University contributed to the report. The White House released this document Tuesday. A 1990 law stipulates the climate assessments be published every... more

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The difference between weather and climate

climate is what you expect

May 12, 2014 • Kristy Borrelli

If you were asked the question “What is the difference between weather and climate?” would you know how to answer it? Given the dependence of agriculture on weather and climate, it is important to clearly define both terms. Von Walden, professor specializing in meteorology and climatology, ... more

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End-of-the-century climate and wheat production

The atmosphere composition has effects on the wheat below.

Atmosphere composition affects wheat below

May 20, 2014 • Kristy Borrelli

"Climate change may increase wheat productivity in the Pacific Northwest." —Claudio Stöckle

Though it is difficult to know exactly how predicted climate variables will impact agricultural production, Claudio Stöckle, Professor in the... more

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Climate and Economics

Digital disruption on the farm. Brett Ryder.

May 29, 2014 • Leigh Bernacchi

The Economist recently covered the relationships among climate change, agriculture, and big data in "Digital disruption on the farm."

... more

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New aphid damages wheat more than crops

New Aphid

Jan 29, 2015 • Seth Davis, Sanford Eigenbrode, Ying Wu

A new aphid has been found in North America! was pronounced in July 2013.

Fast Forward to June 2014: We know more about this aphid species—and its damage to the preferred host plant of wheat—thanks to research by Thomas Davis, Ying Wu, and Sanford Eigenbrode. 
... more

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Precision Agriculture Offers Exciting Conservation Opportunities for Farmers

Palouse from Kamiak Butte -Roger Nelson

Palouse from Kamiak Butte —Roger Nelson

Jan 29, 2015 • Kristy Borrelli

High-tech tools help us better understand natural and human-managed ecosystems. —Troy Magney

When I began working with REACCH last year, it was interesting that no matter where I went or who I spoke to, the topic of precision agriculture came up. Not only were researchers studying it but farmers were using it, professors were teaching it, regional businesses were selling... more

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