Secondary Curriculum

Welcome to the REACCH Secondary Agronomy & Climate Science Curriculum! Units in the curriculum provide material for introducing Science and Agriculture students in Grades 9-12 to agriculture, climate change, related issues such as soils, water, carbon, and nitrogen cycling, and STEM careers. Please read the Getting Started section below and explore individual units for more information.

Getting Started

Each unit includes a PowerPoint for guiding classroom discussion, lab activities, and a series of readings.

  • Each PowerPoint includes hidden slides with embedded Microsoft Word Documents. These documents provide the additional resources needed to deliver the unit. Lab activities are embedded on the last slide.
  • Teacher notes are included on most slides to help guide classroom discussion.
  • Readings associated with each unit are in a separate zipped PDF file. A variety of readings are included so teachers can select those most appropriate for their classrooms.
  • A standards document is provided with Next Generation Science Standards, Common Core State Standards for Math and ELA, and Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources Standards. Teachers can decide to what level they want to augment the provided instruction in relation to these standards.


Foundational Readings usable for all REACCH curriculum units:

Fee to Use, or acquire through your local library: