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An interdisciplinary team of scientists and professionals initiated the 5-year REACCH project in 2011 with funding from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture’s Climate Variability and Change Program to ensure sustainable cereal production in the inland Pacific Northwest under the risks of regional climate change.

Participants from many disciplines related to agricultural, climate, social and information sciences are engaged in a thoroughly integrated research effort that addresses the complexity of these systems and their responses to drivers of change. In addition to research, the project has significant education and extension components.

What you will find on this website is the best of our:

We invite you to join us in our long-term vision of sustainable agriculture that will continue far beyond the end of the project.

To learn more about our collaborative and international efforts, visit our Partners page and the Transitioning Cereals Systems website.

Sanford Eigenbrode, Project Director

Who We Are


Main REACCH institutions

  • University of Idaho (lead institution)
  • Oregon State University
  • Washington State University
  • USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)

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REACCH Overview

[pdf] The REACCH legacy
[pdf] Agricultural impacts/vulnerabilities
[pdf] PNW collaborative research
[pdf] Pacific Northwest REACCH Experience
[pdf] Assessing Climate Change Effects

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REACCH Data Portal