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Blending Traditional and Contemporary Agricultural Extension Methods to Address Broad-Based Stakeholder Needs for Agriculture and Climate Change in Pacific Northwest Cereal Cropping Systems

()   Kruger, C., Petrie, S., Yorgey, G., Kantor, S., Allen, E., Zimmerman, T.

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Climate Friendly Farming: Improving the Carbon Footprint of Agriculture in the Pacific Northwest

()   Kruger, C., Yorgey, G., Chen, S., Collins, H. et. al.

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The Architecture of Integration: Coordinated Agricultural Projects

(2012)   Morton, L, S. Eigenbrode, T. Martin

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Dynamic Agroecological Zones for the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2012)   Huggins, D., R. Rupp, P. Gessler, W. Pan, D. Brown, S. Machado, J. Abatzoglou, V. Walden, S. Eigenbrode

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Improving Student and Teacher Knowledge of Climate Change and Agricultural Science in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2012)   Johnson-Maynard, J., K. Wolf, J. Velez, E. Corwine, P. Troy White, S. Eigenbrode

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The National Institute for Food and Agriculture's Projects in Climate Change and the USDA/ARS Long-Term Agroecosystem Research Network

(2012)   Eigenbrode, S., D. Huggins, S. Shafer, M. Walbridge

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Climate Change, Mitigation, & Adaptation in Corn-based Cropping systems CAP

(2012)   Morton, Lois Wright

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Agroecosystem Zone (AEZ): Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum

(2012)   Huggins, David

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Crop Rotations and Dynamic Marginal Adjustment to Sustainable Incentives

(2012)   Howitt, R., MacEwan, D.

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Objective 2: Monitoring C, N, H2O across Agroecological Zones

(2012)   Objective Team 2

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