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Effects of N Fertilization and Irrigation on Nitrification and Denitrification Pools of N2O: Acetylene Inhibition Microplot Study

(2014)   Kostyanovsky, K.I., Huggins, D.R., Stockle, C. O., Karimi, T., Waldo, S.

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The Effects of Silicon (Si) and Fiber Composition from Canola and Wheat Residue on Soil Crusting

(2014)   T.L. Beard, T. McClellan Maaz, and W.L. Pan

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Data-Display and Climate Communication with Key Decision-makers: Crop Consultants

(2014)   Bernacchi, L., Turner, M., Wulfhorst, J.D.

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Climate and Disturbance Influence the Distribution and Management of Mayweed Chamomile and Italian ryegrass in the PNW

(2014)   Burke, I., Lawrence, N., Wulfhorst, J.D., Bernacchi, L.

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AgTools TM

(2014)   Seavert, C.

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Assessments of Carbon and Water Cycling in Multiple Agricultural Ecosystems in the Inland Pacific Northwest Using Eddy Covariance Flux Measurements and the CropSyst Micro-basin Model

(2014)   Chi, J., Maureira, F., Waldo, S., O'Keeffe, P., Pressley, S., Stockle, C., Lamb, B.

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The Cereal Leaf Beetle and its Parasitoid under Projected Climates in the Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Eigenbrode, S., Foote, N., Abatzolgou, J.

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Environmentally dependent host-pathogen and vector-pathogen interactions in the Barley yellow dwarf virus pathosystem

(2014)   Davis, T., Bosque-Perez, N., Eigenbrode, S.

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Machinery Costs, costs per bushel and net returns for direct seed wheat production: Results by agroecological class and year, based on a grower survey

(2014)   Davis, H., Painter, K., Roe, D.

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Regional Approaches to Climate Change for Inland Pacific Northwest Cereal Production Systems

(2014)   Eigenbrode, S., Abatzoglou, J., Antle, J., Brooks, E., et. al.

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