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Agroecosystem Zone (AEZ): Identity, Supremacy, Ultimatum

(2012)   Huggins, David

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Crop Rotations and Dynamic Marginal Adjustment to Sustainable Incentives

(2012)   Howitt, R., MacEwan, D.

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Objective 2: Monitoring C, N, H2O across Agroecological Zones

(2012)   Objective Team 2

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Pine Integrated Network: Education, Mitigation and Adaptation Project

(2012)   Martin, Tim

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REACCH Model Integration, Scenario Design and Preliminary Results

(2012)   Antle, John

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REACCH and Data Management: Strategies and Implementation

(2012)   Seamon, E., Gessler, P.

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REACCH gets moving: Year 1 overview


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So You’re a REACCH Graduate Student…

(2012)   Johnson-Maynard, J., Eigenbrode, S.

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REACCH Stakeholder Advisory Committee Interests in Climate Change Information Needs

(2012)   Kantor, S., Yorgey, G.G., Kruger, C.E.

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Climate Friendly Farming: Establishing a Trans-Disciplinary Framework for Agriculture and Climate Change Science in the Pacific Northwest

(2012)   Kruger, C., Yorgey, G., Chen, S., Collins, H., et. al.

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