Elementary Curriculum

Welcome to the REACCH Elementary Curriculum, Wheat Farming and Climate Change in the Pacific Northwest! This four-week fifth grade curriculum is designed to assist K-12 teachers in incorporating agricultural and climate change science into their classrooms. The material is place-based in the Inland Northwest and uses scientifically sound, current research conducted by REACCH scientists. All lessons are hands-on and inquiry based.

The curriculum meets fifth grade standards for Science (NGSS and Idaho State) and ELA Common Core standards for Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. One lesson also meets a Common Core Math standard.

Getting Started

Zipped folders containing detailed lesson plans and supplementary materials are provided for each day. Each lesson plan includes the following:

  • Lesson Overview
  • Learning targets aligned to specific ELA Common Core and Science standards
  • List of materials needed
  • Complete lesson description
  • List of resources used in lesson development. Some lessons include additional resources or recommendations for extension activities
  • Handouts, graphic organizers, and supplementary materials are also provided

Regional Approaches to Climate Change (REACCH) works to make agriculture in the Inland Pacific Northwest region more sustainable during current and future climate changes, while helping mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One of our main goals is to prepare scientists and educators to create and promote effective climate change adaptation and mitigation in agriculture. The REACCH education team has developed innovative approaches to incorporating agriculture and climate change into K-12 curricula, in order to prepare citizens and professionals for the climate- and agriculture-related challenges they will face in the future.