Week 1: How Plants Grow

Day 1: Introduction to Wheat and Plant Growth

Introduce students to wheat, including its role in the global food system, production in the IPN, and use in food and non-food products. The lesson also covers basic components necessary for plant growth (i.e. water, sun, air, soil).

Day 2: Photosynthesis

Introduce students to photosynthesis and further explore components needed for plant growth, introduced in the previous lesson.

Day 3: Water Cycle

Teach students about the water cycle, with emphasis on the role of plants. Further explore the role of water as a component of plant growth.

Day 4: Wheat Plant and Life Cycle

Introduce students to structures and functions of wheat plants and to wheat life cycles. This lesson prepares students to apply the concepts of photosynthesis and the water cycle specifically to the wheat plant in the next day’s assessment.

Day 5: System Model of a Wheat Plant

Assess student learning from the previous four lessons by having students draw a system model of a growing wheat plant, followed by developing and performing group skits.