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Anaerobic Digestion Systems: Integrating emerging technologies to improve environmental and economic impact

(2014)   Frear, C., Kruger, C., Collins, H., Garcia-Perez, M., et. al.

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Monitoring: Establish a baseline and monitor changes in soil carbon and nitrogen levels and GHG emissions related to mitigation of and adaption to climate change in the region's agriculture

(2014)   Lamb, B., Baxter, H., Brooks, E., Brown, D., Chi, J., et. al.

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Variation in Phenology of Downy Brome

(2014)   Lawrence, N., Burke, I.

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Superensemble of Regional Climate Modeling for the Western US using

(2014)   Li., S., Mote, P., Rupp, D., Vickers, D.

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Biochar Effects on Wheat Productivity in Chemical Fallow

(2014)   Machado, S., Pritchett, L.

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Assessing Soil Health in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Morrow, J., Huggins, D., Reganold, J., Carpenter-Boggs, L., Collins, H., Gollany, H., Machado, S., Johnson-Maynard, J.

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Effects of a Climate-Mediated Stress on Cereal Leaf Beetle and the Host Plant Wheat: Implications for an Insect-Plant Interaction Under Drought

(2014)   Foote, N., Eigenbrode, S., Bosque-Perez, N., Davis, T.

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Climate Change and Agricultural Science Education in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Johnson-Maynard, J., Wolf, K., White, P.T., Bernacchi, L., Borelli, K., Walsh, C., Velez, J., Eigenbrode, S.

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Climatological Context of Extreme Events: The South Dakota Blizzard of October 2013

(2014)   Abatzoglou, J., Parker, L., Bunkers, M., Edwards, L., Todey, D.

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Projected changes in cold hardiness zones over CONUS

(2014)   Parker, L., Abatzoglou, J.

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