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Impact of Climate Change on Soil Erosion in the Inland Northwest

(2014)   Farrell, P., Abatzoglou, A., Humes, K., Brooks, E.

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Relationships between climate and winter wheat yields in the Columbia Basin

(2014)   Feng, W., Abatzoglou, J.

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Developing a Soil/Terrain Geospatial Database to Support Soil Carbon Modeling

(2014)   Flathers, E., Gessler, P., Rupp, R., Seamon, E.

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Mobile Applications for Improving Agricultural Practices in Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Fricke, S., Seamon, E., Eigenbrode, E., Gessler, P., Bechinski, E., Stokes, B.

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REACCH Data Access and Analysis Tools

(2014)   Fricke, S., Seamon, E.

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Coupling Insect Pest Phenology Model into CropSyst: Cereal Leaf Beetle and Wheat Yield

(2014)   Govindan, B., Davis, T., Eigenbrode, S., Stockle, C.

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Statistically Downscaled Climate Data using the Multivariate Adaptive Constructed Analogs (MACA) Approach

(2014)   Hegewisch, K., Abatzoglou, J., Rupp, D., Mote, P.

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Social Network Analysis: A Theory and Method for Assessing and Supporting Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Institutional Research Projects

(2014)   Helbling, J., Meyer, D.

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Canola and Wheat Seedling Root Behavior in the Presence of Deep Banded Urea

(2014)   Madsen, I., Pan, W. L., Bolton, R.

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Bioclimatic Predictors of Dryland Agroecological Classes and Projected Shifts under Climate Change

(2014)   Kaur, H., Huggins, D., Rupp, R., Abatzoglou, J., Stockle, C., Reganold, J.

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