Kate Painter

Kate Painter
Agriculture Economics Analyst
  • University of Idaho

REACCH Connection: 

Dr. Painter's research on producers also serves their needs and interests. Through a longitudinal survey, she has analyzed producer's economic flexibility and created case studies to foster adaptation.


University of Idaho agricultural economist Kate Painter has interviewed farmers, created crop enterprise budgets which are used to address farmer practices under proposed climate change and agricultural policy scenarios as part of the Regional Approaches to Climate Change in Pacific Northwest Agriculture project. Painter is an Agriculture Economics Analyst in the University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. She earned her doctoral degree at Washington State University in 1992 with a project focused on the economic and environmental effects of U.S. farm policies. She currently works with farmers employing direct seeding or no-till practices to study the economic and environmental trade-offs of removing crop residues during dryland cropping. She analyzed the economics of a 10-year direct seed project located on a 92-acre parcel on Washington State University’s Cook Agronomy Farm near Pullman. Painter previously worked on the Paul G. Allen Foundation’s Climate Friendly Farming™ Project that studied greenhouse gas contributions from agriculture in Washington State. She developed crop budgets for the major crops across the state and then analyzed potential carbon policy results by region.


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