Dave Huggins

REACCH Connection: 

As leader of the Long-Term Agricultural Research Station at Cook Farm, Dr. Huggins provides perspective on climatic effects on cropping systems. His concept of the Agro-Ecological Classes have been instrumental in providing definition to a diverse cropping region and REACCH's outreach and research.


USDA-Agricultural Research Service soil scientist Dave Huggins will be responsible for coordinating point green house gas flux monitoring and cropping system effects on soil carbon sequestration and nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). He will contribute to the cropping systems evaluation component of the project by refining a multi-layered database that synthesizes aspects of all of the project objectives to help develop scenario predictions for different agri-ecological zones throughout the region. Huggins is with the USDA-ARS Land Management and Water Conversation Research Unit based on the WSU Pullman campus and is also an adjunct faculty member in the WSU Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. He joined the agency in 1997, and in 2009, became lead scientist on the USDA-ARS Climate Change, Soils and Emissions project, "Mitigating Agricultural Sources of Particulate Matter and Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Pacific Northwest." Huggins has authored or co-authored 41 peer-reviewed journal articles and 14 book chapters collaborating with more than 100 scientists in 15 agricultural disciplines.


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