Claudio Stöckle

Claudio Stöckle
Professor, Biological Systems Engineering
  • Washington State University


A leading authority on cropping systems modeling, Claudio Stöckle and his colleagues will be providing simulation models for various cropping scenarios in the project to assess their impact on greenhouse gas emissions. They will also be participating in direct field monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions and will be studying how crops and yields may change as future climate change occurs. Stöckle, chair of Washington State University’s Department of Biological Systems Engineering, and his colleagues created CropSyst, which is a computer software platform for cropping systems. The model, which can provide multi-year, multi-crop information, is a tool to study the effect of climate, soils, and farm management on the productivity of cropping systems, water use, nutrient cycling, and the environment. The model has been used throughout the Northwest as well as around the world. Recent improvements to the model mean that CropSyst now includes the ability to consider the effects of a changing climate on cropping systems.


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