Jeff Reimer

Associate Professor, Applied Economics
  • Oregon State University

REACCH Connection: 

Dr. Reimer has carried out and supervised REACCH studies of how the Pacific Northwest wheat economy will be affected by long-run changes in climate, population growth, input costs, and other phenomena. A series of possible future scenarios, called Representative Agricultural Pathways (RAPs), were developed to describe trends in key drivers at the regional and global scales. These RAPs were quantified and integrated as simulations into a newly developed Computable General Equilibrium economic model. Model simulations predicted that the Pacific Northwest wheat sector is quite viable under a range of alternative future scenarios, as represented by wheat prices, exports quantities, and producer economic welfare.


Jeff Reimer is an Associate Professor of Applied Economics at Oregon State University. His research interests include international trade theory and policy, applied general equilibrium modeling, quantitative policy analysis, economics of agriculture and water, international development.