Harsimran Kaur

Harsimran Kaur
  • PhD Student
  • Washington State University
  • Crop and Soil Sciences


Dave Huggins

Research Focus: 

Predicting for important bioclimatic variables for REACCH agroecological classes

Research Abstract: 

Land use classification studies often rely on biophysical variables hypothesized to be key drivers or determinants of land use/cover. Weak relationships, however, can occur between delineated land use classification and actual land use. In contrast, classification based on land use/cover that has emerged as a consequence of determinants may be advantageous as the actual land use can then be used for selecting important driving variables. Our expectation is that, this approach can better select for those variables which majorly affect the actual land use and therefore, selected variables can eventually be used for prediction of future land use under different climate change scenarios.