Wenlong Feng

Wenlong Feng
  • Masters Student
  • University of Idaho
  • Geography


John Abatzoglou

Thesis or Dissertation Citation: 

Feng, W. 2016. Climate impacts on county-level interannual variability in winter wheat yield in the Columbia Basin, USA. University of Idaho MS Thesis.

Research Focus: 

Relationship between climate and winter wheat yields in the Columbia basin

Research Abstract: 

County level interannual climate-yield relationships for winter wheat were examined across a moisture gradient over primarily rainfed agricultural systems in the Columbia Basin of the United States from 1980-2014. Wheat yields were most strongly correlated with energy and moisture availability during the latter stages of crop development. Estimated actual evapotranspiration calibrated for winter wheat was typically the best predictor of interannual yield variability at the county level, with the strongest relationships for counties with intermediate amounts of mean annual precipitation. Crop yields were negatively impacted by warmer temperatures during the latter stages of crop development, particularly in the climatologically cooler counties as delayed crop phenology results in warmer temperatures during phenostages when crops are most sensitive. A variety of multi-variate statistical models explain an average of 29-37% of interannual county-level yield variance over the Columbia Basin, yet show spatial heterogeneities in climate yield relationships suggesting the importance of subregional climate-crop modeling.


Feng currently is a master student of Dr. John Abatzoglou, studying about climatology in University of Idaho. His current research focuses on the climate variability impacts on crops, especially winter wheat, in the Columbia basin. He received his undergraduate degree in Kunming University of Science and Technology in China in 2011, majoring in geographic information system. He is a specialist in GIS, remote sensing and land surveying and mapping. He did a short term internship as a GIS programmer at the Shandong Provincial Institute of Land surveying and mapping after he graduated. This helped him gain the skills of GIS development and practical mapping.