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Management Effects on Soil Organic Carbon Pools


Oct 20, 2014 • Rebecca Graham, Rahan Ghimire, Stephen Machado

Everything is built on soil; the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the clothing we wear on our backs. Interactions in the soil between components like microbes, insects, water, plant roots, soil organic matter, minerals, and air make it more than just filth we scrape off our boots. Because of all of these interactions, soil has the ability to mitigate for or to... more

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Obstacles in the Oilseed Biofuel Market

Landscape variation

Nov 14, 2014 • Richard Manuli, Susan Capalbo, John Antle, Laurie Houston

In a previous post, I explained that available evidence currently indicates nitrous oxide emissions may be fairly low in the inland Pacific Northwest, compared to other cropland agricultural systems in the U.S. and world. If ongoing research confirms these early results, then I suggested that efforts to... more

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