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AgBiz LogicTM: an Economic, Financial and Environmental Decision Tool for Farmers, Ranchers and Land Managers

(2014)   Seavert, S., Houston, L., Capalbo, S., Dalton, M.

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The Application of a Research-Collaboration Framework

(2014)   Issac Madsen

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Rotational N recovery: What are we missing in single season estimates?

(2014)   Tai McClellan Maaz

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Estimating Nitrogen Uptake From Space: Prospects for Integration

(2014)   Magney, T., Yourek, M., Ward, N., Finch, S., Eitel, J., Vierling, L., Brooks, E., Huggins, D., Brown, D.

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Impacts of climatic and landscape factors on cereal aphid populations in the inland Pacific Northwest USA

(2014)   S. Ebrahim Sadeghi; Thomas. S. Davis; Y. Wu, Bahman Shafii & Sanford Eigenbrode

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Development of an Interactive Crop Growth Web Service Architecture to Review and Forecast Agricultural Sustainability

(2014)   Seamon, E., Gessler, P., Walden, V., Flathers, E., Fricke, S.

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Monitoring N2O Emissions from Agriculture Using Micrometeorological Methods Paired with Chambers

(2014)   Waldo, S.

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Environmental thresholds controlling earthworm distribution and impact

(2014)   Walsh, C., Johnson-Maynard, J., Hewitt, H., Leslie, I.

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Precision Agriculture Technology & REACCH

(2015)   Gantla, S.; J. Gray; L. McNamee; L. Bernacchi; K. Borelli; B. Mahler; M. Reyna; B. Foltz; S. Kane; J.D. Wulfhorst

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Economic and Social (Objective Team 4) Report

(2015)   Capalbo, S., Antle, J., Painter, K., Reimer, J., et. al.

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