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High Residue No-Till for Soil Moisture Retention

(2014)   Young, L., Young, F., Pan, W.L., Hennings, C.

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Carbon and Nitrogen Sequestration in a BiosolidsApplication System

(2014)   Young, L., Xiao, Y., Cogger, C., Pan, W.L.

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REACCH Qualitative Survey Report, Year 3


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Multi-media case studies to build adaptive capacity among cereal-based farmers in the inland Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Yorgey, G., Kantor, S., Painter, K., Bernacchi, L., Donlon, H., Kruger, C.

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The When and Where of Worms in Wheat Fields

(2014)   Chelsea Walsh

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Growing tall cereal crops and harvesting them with a stripper header to alter the microclimate at the soil surface and conserve soil water

(2014)   Port, L., Young, F., Pan, W.L.

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Mature Seed Set Variation among PNW Bromus tectorum Accessions

(2014)   Lawrence, N., Burke, I.

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An Overview of European Nutrient Policy...And a Normative View of What Could Happen in the U.S.

(2014)   Leif Nielsen

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Characteristics of Extreme Precipitation Events Across the Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Farrell, P., Parker, L., Abatzoglou, J.

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Interspecific Interactions Between Aphids Infesting Wheat Across Differing Water Inputs of the Shared Host Plant

(2014)   Foote, N., Eigenbrode, S., Davis, S.

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