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Seasonal variation in soil moisture and temperature, and its impacts on earthworm communities

(2014)   Walsh, C., Johnson-Maynard, J.

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Research Highlights from Objective Team 1 – Modeling Framework

(2014)   Antle, J., Abatzoglou, J., Capalbo, S., Eigenbrode, S., et. al.

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A Toolbox Instrument for REACCH

(2014)   Zhang, J., Walsh, C., Urban, L., Maaz, T., Allen, L., O'Rourke, M., Eigenbrode, E.

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Field-Scale Cropping System N Use Efficiency after 10 Years of Continuous No-tillage

(2014)   Unger, R., Huggins, D., Burke, I., Swanson, M., Carpenter-Boggs, L.

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Change Analysis: Adoption of a Central Data Library by Researchers

(2014)   Urban, L.

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Continuous, Long-Term, Field-Integrated Measurements of N2O Emissions Using Static Chambers and the Flux Gradient Method over Winter Wheat Fields in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Waldo, S., Kostyanovsky, K., O'Keefe, P., Pressley, S., Huggins, D., Lamb, B.

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Using the Eddy Covariance Method and Chambers to Characterize Spatial and Temporal Trends in Emissions of the Greenhouse Gas Nitrous Oxide over a Barley Field in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2014)   Waldo, S., Kostanovsky, K., O'Keefe, P., Chi, J., Pressley, S., Huggins, D., Uberauga, D., Lamb, B.

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Budget Approach Provides Insights into Transformations and Fate of Nitrogen Applied to Eastern Washington Agroecosystem

(2014)   Moon-Nielson, L., Brown, T.T., Kelley, C.J., Martin, R.A., Waldo, S.

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Environmental thresholds controlling earthworm distribution and impact

(2014)   Walsh, C., Johnson-Maynard, J., Hewitt, H., Leslie, I.

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Climate Change Education in Pacific Northwest Classrooms: Making It Real

(2014)   White, P.T., Wolf, K., Johnson-Maynard, J., Velez, J.

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