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Carbon and Nitrogen Storage in Biosolids Amended Soils

(2014)   Young, L., Xiao, Y., Cogger, C., Bary, A., Pan, W.L.

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Hydrologic Carbon Fluxes from the Dryland Grain Producing Region of the Inland Pacific Northwest: Measurements and Modeling.

(2014)   Boylan, R., Brooks, E., Johnson-Maynard, J., Huggins, D.

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Cropping Systems Techniques for Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Change and Social Changes over Space and Time

(2014)   Pan, W.L., Johnson-Maynard, J., Huggins, D., Esser, A., et. al.

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Climatic Data Integration and Analysis - Regional Approaches to Climate Change for Pacific Northwest Agriculture

(2014)   Seamon, E., Gessler, P., Walden, V., Flahers, E., Fricke, S.

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Parameterization of process based models to study the impact of climate variability on the productivity of winter wheat

(2014)   Ahmed, M., Karimi, T., Nelson, R.L., Stockle, C.

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Encouraging Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in a Large Climate Science Project

(2014)   Eigenbrode, S., Abatzoglou, J., Antle, J., Brooks, E., et. al.

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Virus infection moderates plant response to water stress

(2014)   Davis, T., Foote, N., Magney, T., Bosque-Perez, N., Eigenbrode, S.

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Integrating Representative Agricultural Pathways into a Regional Economic Model for Wheat

(2014)   Reimer, J., Zheng, X.

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The evolution of agriculture in the Pacific Northwest: An elementary curriculum development project

(2014)   Guralnick, E., Schaeffer, A., Trogstad-Issacson, A.

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Nitrogen and Carbon Mineralization From Canola, Pea, and Wheat Residues with Differing Nitrogen Content and Carbohydrate Composition

(2014)   Mazz, T., Beard, T., Pan, W.L.

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