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Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentrations in the Drilosphere in A Long-Term No-Till Agroecosystem

(2016)   Stoner, S., Leslie, I., Johnson-Maynard, J., Huggins, D.

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Measurement and Simulation of N2O Emissions in Two Tillage Management Systems

(2016)   Maureira, F., Stockle, C., Karimi, T., Waldo, S.

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Always Follow the Water

(2016)   Brooks, E.S., Yourek, M., Gasch, C., Poggio, M., Brown, D., Kelley, C., Keller, K., Huggins, D.,

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REACCH Monitoring Objective: Assessing Dynamics of Carbon Dioxide, Water Vapor, and Nitrous Oxide at Multiple Agricultural Ecosystems in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2016)   Chi, J., Waldo, S., Pressley, S., O'Keeffe, P., Lamb, B.

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What should funders and other large interdisciplinary research teams know?

(2017)   Assessment and Evaluation Team: Bond, A., Helbling, J., Urban, L., Meyer, D.

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Pacific Northwest Whea-Based Systems: Landscapes in Transition

(2017)   Jodi L. Johnson - Maynard, Sanford D. Eigenbrode, Erin Brooks, Ian Burke,

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Farmer to Farmer Mentoring: Multi-Media Case Studies Build Adaptive Capacity for Producers Across the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2017)   K. Painter, G. Yorgey, K. Borelli, H. Davis

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