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Assessing the Climate Change Impact on Wheat Systems: A Case Study from the Pacific Northwest

(2015)   Zhang, H.

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Cropping Systems Techniques for Adaptation to and Mitigation of Climate Change and Social Changes over Space and Time

(2015)   Pan, W., Johnson-Maynard, J., Huggins, D., Esser, A. et. al.

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Drought Impact on Rice Production in Northwest Region of Bangladesh

(2015)   Md. Abiar Rahman

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Soil Organic Carbon Dynamics in Pendleton Tillage Fertility Long-Term Experiment

(2015)   Ghimire, R., Machado, S.

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Adopting public policies and priorities to encourage climate-smart agricultural practices

(2015)   Susan Capalbo, John Antle

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Innovative Teaching Approaches for “Wicked Problems”: Climate Change and other Challenges

(2015)   Susan Capalbo

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Research Highlights from Objective Team 4 - Economics and Social

(2015)   Capalbo, S., Antle, J., Painter, K., Reimer, J.,

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What does Climate Change Mean for Specialty Fruit Crops of the Pacific Northwest? Adaptation Strategies for a Changing Climate

(2016)   Houston, L., Capalbo, S., Seavert, C., Dalton, M., Bryla, D., Sagili, R.

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AgBiz Logic TM: An Economic, Financial and Environmental Decision Tool for Farmers, Ranchers and Land Managers

(2016)   Susan Capalbo

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Tracking dryland wheat yields across the landscape: Results of a longitudinal survey of wheat producers in the Inland Pacific Northwest

(2016)   Kathleen Painter, Hilary Donlon Davis, Dennis Roe, David Huggins

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