Building Agricultural Performance for an Uncertain Future

                                                                                                                        Field Day Agenda

7:30-8:00am: Registration

8:00-11:3-am: Field Tours; six stops of 1/2 hour each (includes travel time)

Morning Topics
Crop Performance Management Zones and Subsoil Quality
   (Dave Huggins and Bill Pan)

Proximal and Remote Sensing
   (Brian Lamb, David Brown and Tai Maaz)

Weather Variability and Farmer Perspectives
   (Katherine Hegewisch and J.D. Wulfhorst)

Soil Health in the Field
   (Jodi Johnson-Maynard and Kendall Kahl)

Always Follow the Water
   (Erin Brooks)

Weeds, Insects and Disease: Now and in the future
   (Sanford Eigenbrode, Dan Schlatter and Hannah Lindell)

11:30am-1:00pm: Mixer, Displays and Lunch
Noon Speaker
Dr. Wayne Honeycutt, President and CEO of the Soil Health Institute "Enhancing Productivity and Environmental Quality through Soil Health"


Wayne Honeycutt, President and CEO of the Soil Health Institute,
Honeycutt’s work with the soil began on his family’s 120-acre farm in Metcalfe County, KY. There he learned what it takes to grow corn, tobacco, vegetables and other crops. That work piqued his interest in how to ensure the land had the valuable nutrients and other qualities it needed to remain sustainable for years to come. As a result, he secured a Master of Science degree in Soil Science from the University of Kentucky as well as a Ph.D. in Soil Genesis from Colorado State University. As a scientist and researcher, he worked for USDA’s Agricultural Research Service (ARS), where he conducted field research, coordinated and led interdisciplinary research projects, facilitated technology transfer, established guidelines for national research networks, and consulted on policy. Recently, Honeycutt led the NRCS soil health campaign. Enhancing the health of our nation’s soils is one of the most critical efforts of our lifetime.”