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Where there’s a will there’s a way: Producers’ needs and willingness to change production practices

(2014)   Leigh Bernacchi, J.D. Wulfhorst, Georgine Yorgey
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Assessing Profit Maximization Strategies for Wheat Production in Anticipation of Climate Change: A Case Study Approach Using AgTools TM

(2013)   Clark Seavert
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Climate Change and Adaptation in PNW Wheat Systems

(2013)   John Antle, Hongliang Zhang
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Climate Impacts on Farming Decisions of Land Allocation in Pacific Northwest: Weather Shocks and Climate Shifts

(2013)   Jianhong Mu, John Antle, John Abatzoglou
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Climate of the Pacific Northwest during the Anthropocene

(2013)   John Abatzoglou, David Rupp, Philip Mote
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Climatic Effects on Wireworm Species Distributions

(2013)   Dave Crowder
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Digital Extension

(2013)   Georgine Yorgey, Sylvia Kantor
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Direct Seed Adoption by Farm Size and Zone

(2013)   Kate Painter, Dennis Roe, Stephanie Kane
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Distribution of Fusarium Crown Rot in the PNW Relationship with Climate Factors

(2013)   Tim Paulitz, Grant Poole
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Dynamic AEZs: Bioclimatic Variables for Land Use Prediction under Climate Change

(2013)   Dave Huggins
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