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Getting data into our REACCH repository

(2013)   Edward Flathers

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REACCH Data Access and Visualization

(2013)   Stephen Fricke

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Assessing Profit Maximization Strategies for Wheat Production in Anticipation of Climate Change: A Case Study Approach Using AgTools TM

(2013)   Clark Seavert

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How Do Bioenergy Opportunities and Biofuel Policies Impact Alternative Options in the PNW

(2013)   Penny Diebel, Susan Capalbo

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REACCH Teacher Professional Development

(2013)   Erin Corwine, Kattlyn Wolf

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Perceptions of Climate Change in Secondary Education in the Pacific Northwest

(2013)   P. Troy White

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REACCH Undergraduate Research-Evaluation and Future Opportunities

(2013)   Jodi Johnson-Maynard

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REACCH Stakeholder Needs Assessment

(2013)   Chad Kruger

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Digital Extension

(2013)   Georgine Yorgey, Sylvia Kantor

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Extension Mini-Grants

(2013)   Steve Petrie

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