Kristy Borrelli

Extension Specialist
  • University of Idaho

REACCH Connection: 

As the REACCH Extension Specialist, her goal is to positively impact local agricultural systems through collaboration and outreach with regional growers and stakeholders. She is interested in educating life-long learners of all ages, and works with team members to integrate practical extension outreach-based learning with traditional classroom styles. This approach to learning can enhance overall understanding of agriculture while keeping people involved in their local communities. The extensive opportunities within the REACCH project allow her many opportunities to engage her interests related to Pacific Northwest farming.


Kristy Borrelli is the REACCH Extension Specialist, located at University of Idaho, Moscow. Originally from Upstate NY she grew up on a small family farm and moved to Washington State in 2005 to complete M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Soil Fertility at WSU, Pullman. Her research and education focuses on diversifying agricultural systems to manage soil fertility, plant nutrients and to maintain soil health and environmental quality.