Jianhong Mu

Jianhong Mu
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher
  • Oregon State University
  • Applied Economics


John Antle

Research Focus: 

Economics of climate change impacts on crop yields, land use and agricultural production system

Research Abstract: 

My research includes: (1) Changes agricultural land use under future climate change and socio-economic conditions. This research uses the adaptation concepts in the literature to develop a "semi-reduced form" agricultural land use model, and apply this model to assess farmers' choices of adaptation to climate change under future socio-economic conditions in Pacific Northwest. (2) Climate change and extreme events impacts on the winter wheat yield distributions. In this research, we examine how historical climate conditions affect the distribution of winter wheat yield and then predict how future climate change will re-shape the yield distribution using projected climate. (3) Economic Analysis of Climate Impacts on the Winter Wheat System in the Pacific Northwest. This research examines how winter wheat production system in inland Pacific Northwest responds to future climate change and to projections of plausible future biophysical and socio-economic conditions. (4) Representative Agricultural Pathways for Integrated Assessment of Pacific Northwest Wheat-Based Systems. This research presents the development of Representative Agricultural Pathways and Scenarios (RAPS) for the principal wheat-producing region of the Pacific Northwest.


Jianhong received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Agricultural Economics from Renmin University of China, and her PhD in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M. She is a Mendenhall Research Fellow (USGS) and a post-doctoral scholar at Oregon State University. During her time at Texas A&M, Jianhong was a co-PI, and both a research and teaching assistant. She has numerous peer-reviewed publications.