REACCH Mailing List Information


REACCH uses Listservs for group mailing lists.  We currently have several listserv mailing lists, including:

  • A moderated public mailing list for all REACCH news and events.  This is the listserv that you subscribe to on the front page of our web site - for news and events information.   Since this is a public news listserv, there is no email to use to post to this list.
  • reacch-list listserv: A moderated mailing list of all the REACCH PI's, staff, and students.  This is the most complete REACCH team list.  It does not include stakeholders or others that are outside the REACCH project teams.  The email for this list is:

Listservs are subscriber based mailing lists, that allow the user to email the list, and have it go out to the entire subscriber list.  A moderated list means that the administrator must first approve an email posting before it goes out to the whole list.  This prevents spam and other individuals emailing the list without approval.

All REACCH members have access to the listserv pages that are listed above - which allows to you add a user or remove yourself from the list.  The REACCH-news listserv is a public list - thus, this page is viewable to the world.

Finally - if you are NOT on a list that you should be on, you can add yourself by going to the particular listserv page listed above and subscribing yourself.  This entails you already being a REACCH member with a login.